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Microdermabrasion – treatment for people who want to achieve the best results in a short time . It is a non-invasive method that involves the abrasion of successive layers of the epidermis until achieving the desired effect, a smooth and refreshed skin, improving color and flexibility, smoothing wrinkles, pores stenosis , reduce stretch marks, scars and keloids .

Mesotherapy/Ultrasound – the use of acoustic waves leading to improve the blood supply for the skin, used in anti-cellulite treatments, treatment of stretching marks, neuralgia and frostbite. This allows the absorption of nutrients in the deeper layers of the skin affecting moisturizing, regenerating and oxygenating.

Cavitation peeling – system for deep skin care that does not cause side effects. This procedure is based on cleaning the skin with ultrasonic waves, which removes excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, removes rough skin, blackheads, pimples and bacteria. It is a gentle treatment for the skin causing natural vibration. The effects of the treatment are visibly noticeable, skin becomes renewed and refreshed .

D’ Arsonval – allows you to perform electro massage with the use of so-called Arsonval flows. The procedure is performed using glass electrodes which in contact with skin stimulate it and subcutaneous tissue, muscles and directly on internal organs, and ozone produced by treatment has bactericidal activity. Operation of electric charges dilates blood vessels and causes a faster metabolism which is essential in the absorption of nutrients and medicines contained in cosmetic formulations.

Treatment with brush – brush allows perfect massage and supports peeling anywhere on the body. It has a variety of exchangeable tips offering priceless support in many beauty treatments which involve a better interaction of the active ingredients of the cosmetics, what accelerates their performance.

Bio Face Lifting – lifting technique of the face, neck and body with us of the probes that emit electric micro-currents. These currents stimulate regeneration processes in the cells, stimulate the reconstruction of collagen and elastin, smooth the skin, increase the contractility of muscle fibers and facilitate the excretion of toxins along with excess water.

Light therapy (Photon) – treatment of skin using a wide spectrum of colors. In light therapy we use color spectrum. Each of them has different influence on the skin. There is red color which has beneficial effects on aging skin, green color for capillaries skin with spots and shadows under the eyes, freckles and dermatitis. Yellow is used for the dull skin, which is intended to stimulate lymph and cell activation. Violet has a regenerating effect. Blue-green reduces the visibility of capillaries on the hypersensitive skin. White is used for light, freckled skin, it enhances reduction of melanin.

Our office has a cosmetic machine, with 17in1 functions, BN -1608. It is a luxury equipment necessary to perform treatments in each salon. These treatments both for the face and body. Machine can be customized, and the modules can operate independently. With 17 features, our salon has a range of treatments designed for all types of skin. It is versatile, helps to smooth and refresh the skin, improves tone and elasticity, tightens pores, reducts stretch marks, scars and keloids, improves blood circulation, treats nerve pains, frostbites, removes excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, gets rid of calloused skin, blackheads and bacteria, moisturizes with cold spray method, destructs bacteria, accelerates metabolism, eliminates chronic inflammation of the nerves, vascular disorders, frostbites, rosacea and vulgaris, sagging skin and muscle, lifts face, neck and body.