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Beautiful tanned skin is the dream of many women and men. Scientists have found that the beauty of the skin depends on the actions of the one. In fact it depends on us. With a little help of our beauty salon, even in winter you can enjoy the beautifully tanned. All thanks to the most modern, safe and efficient technology that we use.

Guaranteed quality, well-being and above all the wonderful effects that cast a shadow on other solariums. We use the latest equipment of OPAL FITNESS. We have new technologies that are known to the world of tanning. Right now we can say that no other solarium in the area has the same possibilities. We also care about the comfort when using solar lamps, so that customers, who appear in our salon know that in there they can rest, recuperate and leave with a smile on their face .

As already mentioned – we have the most modern equipment that we offer at your disposal. Modernity is revealed by many extras, that you will not find in other solariums. Double breeze, vibrating floor (which is ideal for those who want to burn unnecessary fat ) or possibility to listen to MP3 during a session in the solarium – this is just a taste of what awaits you when you arrive to our beauty salon and skin care Mecca.

In addition to comfort, the beds used in our solarium are characterized by high efficiency. After only few sessions you will see the desired effect, which will be maintained for a long time. We know how many people are struggling with the problem of quickly disappearing effects that appeared after a visit to the old-fashioned solarium without the latest equipment. Not only we focus on quality, comfort and efficiency of sunbathing, but also we do not neglect the safety regulations – most important to us is the customer, who entrusts his body into the hands of solar lamps placed in our beauty salon.

Solarium, we run has an irreprehensible reputation.

The stylish interior, latest equipment, low prices – all this seems to be the perfect connection, which for many people who use cheap tanning salons seems to be just a fantasy. It is high time to show that our salon with solarium will satisfy all, even the most secret desires of customers who wish to change skin tone, even for a while.

Everyday we show how important it is to take care of your body .

Now without any problems, complications or other unpleasant situations you can take care of your body. By the way, you might be interested in other services from our offer. Everything for your body is offered to satisfy a customer, what is the most important of all for professionals working in our salon.
We invite you to our solarium, so that you can learn about all t